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Facing pregnancy fears


Facing pregnancy fears

“I can’t stop worrying.”

Does this sound like you? If so, know that it is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience a wide range of emotions, and riding that emotional roller coaster can be challenging! Whether you’re a first-time expectant mom or an experienced parent, whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, one emotion is common to all: fear, specifically, fear of the unknown. Pregnancy, though joyous and exciting, can also bring stress and anxiety. The good news? These emotions can be managed. Keep reading for some helpful ways to tip the emotional scales from fear to joy.  

So what exactly are you afraid of?

This article from Heartbeat Toledo lists the top 10 pregnancy fears, most of which relate to things that could (but usually don’t) pose risks, such as labor and delivery. But rather than focusing on what we don’t know and can’t control anyway, the article gives some great tips for managing your fearful emotions. 

Here’s a summary:  

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life – but also one that can feel riddled with uncertainties. Take heart, soon-to-be mamas: fear is a natural response to the unknown, but it can be managed. And remember - you don’t have to face pregnancy alone – Hannah PRC is here to help you through your pregnancy needs. Reach out to us anytime at (870) 862-1317 or make an appointment request at







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