Adoption Planning

adoption planningMany women feel that there is no way they can carry a baby for 9 months, feel it moving inside her, and then just “give it up”.  Therefore the option of adoption is ruled out.  While adoption can be difficult, it is a very courageous and loving decision to make.  It is an option worth at least learning more about.

Hannah PRC is not an adoption agency but we will help you make an adoption plan, should you choose this option. We offer referrals to adoption agencies that we know and trust. We are here for you, the birthmother, and offer planning and support.

Hannah PRC does not participate in the actual placing of infants with adoptive families, but we will walk by your side and help you make an adoption plan if you so choose. We will be with you during the process and give you our support. We rely on professional adoption agencies for the actual placing of babies with adoptive families. Our desire is that everyone who chooses to place their child in a loving home will have a positive experience.

Making an adoption plan is a parenting decision.  The focus is placed on the needs of your child and entrusting your child to an adoptive family who has the ability to meet those needs.  Adoption planning involves preparing for your child's future.  Before making an adoption plan, here are some important things for you to consider:

  1. Researching adoption as an option does not commit you to choosing adoption. The final decision about adoption is not made until after your baby is born.
  2. Birth mothers can begin the planning process for an adoption at any time during their pregnancy. Parental release of custody cannot legally occur until after the child's birth.
  3. Adoption has changed a lot in the past 20 years. There are different adoption options available. Birth parents can choose from closed, open or semi-open adoption plans.  As the birth mother, you may even decide to choose the adoptive parents for our child.
  4. Adoption is a legal transaction and rules differ from state to state. To make certain there will be no legal problems with your adoption, we will assist you in finding an adoption specialist who is uniquely equipped to help you navigate the process successfully.

Choosing adoption goes beyond choosing life for your baby. For you to entrust your child to someone else to care for is both a tough and loving decision that requires maturity, sacrifice, and unselfish love. It is not “the easy way out”.  It is a true parenting decision that places the focus on the needs of your child..

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